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The Benefits Of Using Peer-To-Peer Texting For Your Campaigns

As a campaign leader, you face the unique challenge of making sure everyone in your organization stays informed and on the same proverbial page about what is going on each day. However, you do not have the time to call or text thousands of people each day. Your entire day would be consumed if you attempted to reach out to each contact personally. 

Rather than keep some people out of the loop about what is going on, you can use peer-to-peer texting in your campaign. P2P texting can offer benefits that let you maintain control over the campaign and avoid keeping critical information from volunteers, staff, vendors, and others.

Assigning Contacts to Agents

A large component of peer-to-peer text messaging involves assigning contacts in the campaign to agents. This aspect of P2P text messaging is critical because it spares you from having to reach out to each contact individually. It allows you to delegate your authority for communications to agents that you vet and trust with critical information.

You can then assign each agent batches of contacts so that your entire contact list is divided up and managed equally. The agent for each batch is then responsible for passing along information to his or her share of contacts. You can initiate the passing on of information by texting each agent either individually or as a group. Each agent can then pass along information that you want him or her to share with contacts in his or her batch.

Large Quantity of Texts

P2P texting also enables each agent to send out as many as 1500 texts each hour to batch contacts. This quantity of texts can be vital on days when information change rapidly or there is a flurry of activities taking place. Agents can keep their contacts informed of what is going on minute by minute. Contacts avoid missing out on key details and possibly compromising the campaign's success because of not having updated information available to them.

Peer-to-peer texting can help you manage communications in your campaign effectively. You can delegate some of your communication powers to people you trust to text contacts on your behalf. You can also send out thousands of texts per hour. This form of peer-to-peer text messaging can be especially helpful on days that are hectic. P2P text messaging also makes communicating with contacts manageable. 

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