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3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Paging System

With everyone carrying around a smartphone in their pocket, it may seem like paging systems are all but dead. Although you may not see many people carrying around pocket pagers anymore, paging systems are still a useful tool. Building paging systems are built into your workplace and allow the quick transmission of information through the workplace. Mass communication in the workplace can be extremely helpful.

Reason #1: Quick Way to Transmit Emergency Messages

When you have an emergency message you need to get out to everyone in the building, calling up everyone is a time-consuming task, especially when you need to get the message to everyone quickly. For example, if you need to go into lockdown, that can be conveyed over your building-wide paging system. Or if you need to share information about inclement weather, that information can be shared over the paging system.

With a paging system, emergency information can be quickly broadcast to all the different areas of your building. A paging system can help ensure that everyone gets the information at the same time.

Reason #2: Not All Areas Have a Telephone

The second reason to have a paging system is that not all areas of your building are going to have telephones that people can access in order to get a message.

For example, if your building has a warehouse, warehouse workers who are busy moving goods probably don't have their cellphone in their hands. With a paging system, you can easily let a warehouse worker know if they have a phone call they need to take on the main office phones, or you can page a warehouse employee to come to the offices, or you can let all the warehouse employees know about a delivery that is coming in or needs to go out.

This works for other spaces where workers are not likely to have phones out, such as an auto service shop or a kitchen. A paging system is a great way to share information with people working in areas where they are not going to have easy or quick access to a cell phone.

Reason #3: Create Background Music

A paging system doesn't just have to be used to send out verbal information. A paging system is essentially a set of speakers that are positioned throughout your building. You can choose which speakers to send a message or sound to. You can use your paging system to play background music in select areas of the building. For example, you can use the paging system to play background music in the lobby or waiting area of your building.

Business-wide paging systems are still a useful tool for delivering emergency messages and conveying information to areas of your business where access to telephones is limited. A paging system can also be used to pump background music into specific areas of your business. For more information, contact companies that provide paging systems.