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Play It Again: Gaming Computer Fundamentals When my husband developed a passion for playing online games, I had to take a crash course in gaming computers and the technology that they depend on. After seeing the lag that insufficient hardware led to, I knew I needed to do something. I wanted to be sure that he had what he needed for his games to run smoothly. That's when I started to research how all of the components worked together and what truly made a quality gaming system. I created this site to introduce others to the fundamentals of gaming computers and what they need to know to build a system that will run today's resource-heavy games.

Electromagnetic Interference: Testing To Know When Your Devices Work As Intended

Electromagnetic testing is done on electronic or electrical devices to test for electromagnetic interference and to establish how strong the radiated or conducted emissions are. EMC lab testing makes it possible to establish if your device is going to interfere with other devices in a hospital, in an airplane, and other settings where the correct function of the electronic device is essential. There's a reason why you are asked to turn off all electronics when a plane is taking off or landing or when you are visiting someone in the hospital in certain areas. Electromagnetic interference can cause a big disturbance, causing problems with how vital electrical devices function.

Within a Hospital Setting

Electronic devices do all kinds of work in a hospital setting. From monitoring the heart rate and respiration of a patient in routine care to testing on a patient in the emergency room, electronic devices have to work as intended in order to keep people safe. When there is electromagnetic interference, you might not get the accuracy you need from medical equipment, putting lives at risk. When EMC lab testing is done on devices, compatibility is established and you will know what devices you can use and where to use them.

When You Take a Trip

When you travel on an airplane, you are often asked to turn off your electronic devices during takeoff and landing. This is because of the potential for electronic interference with the electronic equipment within the cockpit that controls the plane and navigates. While not every personal electronic device is going to interfere, the potential is too great to take a risk. Each device would have to be checked to see if it complied with EMC testing, and it is easier to have everyone turn off all electronics instead to avoid any interference.

Critical Safety Applications and EMC Testing

A range of industries require EMC testing for safety purposes. Power supply surges can wreak havoc on durable medical equipment or cause serious interference with how your vehicle runs. EMC testing is vital to the proper function of electronic devices and to avoid unnecessary interference.

If you need to make sure your devices are working as intended, EMC testing can be beneficial. When you are setting up a medical office or need to know that you can depend on electronic devices in an industrial setting, it's important to know whether your devices are interfering with each other or not.